COVID-19: Online Chemists Experiencing Increase in Demand
March 17th, 2020 | Events, expos & news

COVID-19: Online pharmacies scramble to cope with increased demand

As the spread of COVID-19 gains traction in virtually every nation around the world (so far, 152 countries have confirmed cases), consumers are stocking up on pantry and medicine cupboard essentials in case we experience shortages. Despite ...

Luxe Fitness
March 12th, 2020 | Case studies

Starshipit x Luxe Fitness

Luxe Fitness: From social media business to online domination Starting a business has never been easier – or cheaper – thanks to the internet and social media. It costs nothing to set up a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest account, ...

COVID-19 and online delivery

Experiencing delays? Keep your customers informed

As COVID-19 sweeps the globe, so too are its repercussions to shipping and fulfilment. In some parts of the world product stocks are running low as demand outweighs supply. Online retail boom? Some eCommerce businesses and industries, though, ...

Oz Hair & Beauty
March 6th, 2020 | Case studies

Oz Hair & Beauty: From eBay store to $24m Aussie business in just 5 years

When brothers Guy and Anthony Nappa first set up Oz Hair & Beauty in 2012, they had no idea it would become a $24 million company in just five years. After selling their parents’ hairdressing products on eBay, the brothers now run one of ...

March 5th, 2020 | Case studies

Starshipit x FitMyCar

FitMyCar: Great car accessories don’t need a dealer Buying accessories for your car can be expensive, especially if you go through a dealer. For one entrepreneur, this was the perfect business opportunity. Meet FitMyCar FitMyCar offers ...