Starshipit x FitMyCar


FitMyCar: Great car accessories don’t need a dealer

Buying accessories for your car can be expensive, especially if you go through a dealer. For one entrepreneur, this was the perfect business opportunity.

Meet FitMyCar

FitMyCar offers the largest pattern library of custom car floor mats, dash mats and boot liners in Australia. Whether you drive a Volkswagen, Mazda, Subaru, Hyundai, Mercedes, BMW or a Lada, FitMyCar offers a quality alternative to the products sold through dealerships, at a fraction of the price.

The eCommerce nature of FitMyCar makes high-quality car accessories more accessible to the average consumer. But from a business perspective, shipping and fulfilment can be tricky. When founder James Tinsley first launched FitMyCar, he used eParcel which was very manual. The team had to bulk upload their orders into eParcel, then bulk print labels and assign them to the correct order. There was a lot of room for human error, and Australia Post used to charge FitMyCar around $1000 a month for manifesting penalties alone.

Starshipit x FitMyCar

When James started looking for a new automated fulfilment management software provider, he knew he needed something that supported barcode scanning, instant single-scan label generation, centralised tracking and multiple carriers, and would integrate with his custom-built website. Starshipit ticked his boxes – and more.

These days, Starshipit is a seamless and integral part of the team. The FitMyCar website generates a manufacturing summary for each order which is used to create the product to the customer’s specifications. That label carries right through to the end process, when the barcode on that label is scanned to mark the order as completed then again to print the post label. Literally no extra processes are required: it’s fully engrained in their business process.

Starshipit saves FitMyCar more than five minutes per order, which in any given week could save more than 100 hours. It’s not just about the time saving though. It’s also about the reliability, accuracy and cost savings. James prides himself on getting an order right first time, and Starshipit helps him achieve that goal.

Automate your shipping and fulfilment processes

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