Starshipit x HiSmile


HiSmile: The online disruptors whose goal is to give you the best smile

When you meet someone for the first time, it’s probably their smile that you remember the most. In fact, 71% of adults believe that people with an attractive smile are more personable than those without*.

Realising the power of a great smile, particularly in today’s image-conscious, competitive world, two entrepreneurs set out to disrupt the previously mundane and boring teeth whitening industry. Starting with just $20,000 in the bank in 2014, HiSmile founders Alex Tomic and Nik Mirkovic have built a highly-successful multi-million-dollar online business. The pair moved away from traditional cosmetic and dental-based marketing, instead showcasing lifestyle, happiness and positivity through online and social media marketing. In under 18 months, HiSmile grew to be a $20 million dollar business.

But being an international online retailer brought new challenges to the team, specifically around product fulfilment.

In the early days, the team manually wrote out orders, but this was an error-prone and laborious task. Searching for an all-in-one fulfilment solution, they came across Starshipit. They started using Starshipit for Australian fulfilment and integrated their shipping with Australia Post. Within a month, they had integrated Starshipit across all their international sites to simplify the shipping process and fulfil orders all around the world.

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