How an inventory management system can help you grow your business

Warehouse Management
Too much inventory is a waste of money and too little is a missed opportunity, so when you’re running an eCommerce business, having a WMS or an inventory management system is a necessity. 

As your business grows, a warehouse management system (WMS) or inventory management system to manage your inventory and meet demand becomes a necessity. Inventory Management can be a tedious process that slows down your business. Accurately tracking inventory is essential to saving money, time and meeting customer demand.

What is an inventory management system?

An inventory management system is a tool that allows you to track inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries across your business’s supply chain. Inventory management software gives you insights into every aspect of your products, helping you better understand customer needs. With the primary purpose to save you time, inventory management software provides you with transparency, minimises business waste and helps you make better investment decisions. Choose the right system for your business and you can decrease the time taken to pick, pack and ship products to customers.


Why do I need an inventory management system?

✔ I run my own warehouse and I’m having issues with inventory which are impacting my business growth.

✔ I’m looking for a solid foundation to scale my business.

✔ I’m planning to hire more people in my warehouse to meet demand.

✔ I sell finished products that are ready to ship.

✔ If my product isn’t on the shelves, I have no idea if I have stock.

✔ I’ve reached initial scale with my business and outgrown spreadsheets.

✔ I’m having trouble prioritising orders and making sure I have the most profitable items in stock.

✔ I’m manually counting stock and I’m getting errors which are having a far-reaching negative impact.

✔ I need to digitise my files so I can have back orders and awaiting stock.


How can Starshipit work with an inventory system?

You can integrate Starshipit with a WMS system and optimise the entire process spanning from order placement with your vendor to order delivery to your customers, mapping the complete journey of your product.

You can easily process customer orders through Starshipit using your own freight accounts. Typically, Starshipit integrates directly with your WMS or inventory management system. You’ll have a main Starshipit account integrating directly to your WMS and courier. The main account is connected to separate child accounts with different settings to your main account. This allows you to ship from different locations/businesses using Starshipit. Your WMS or inventory management system links to your eCommerce platform.


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Our integrated solutions

If you’re looking for an inventory or warehouse management software for your business, Starshipit seamlessly integrates with the following tools:

Warehouse Management (WMS) 

Inventory Management


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