Starshipit x I Love Ugly

Worn by the likes of Justin Beiber and A$AP Rocky, the once high street retailer in New Zealand has become a leader around the world. I Love Ugly is a fashion brand known for its vibrant and contemporary street wear.

Founded by Valentin Ozich in 2008, I Love Ugly set out to make comfortable yet fashionable streetwear. The brand quickly grew from printing t-shirts to being named as one of Deloitte’s Top 50 fastest growing companies in 2014. They became the streetwear brand of choice, expanding their offering to include accessories like watches, backpacks, and jewellery. I Love Ugly have flagship stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles.

In 2017, stock started to pile up, and they had to innovate their model. Using I Love Ugly’s social media to inspire and educate, I Love Ugly has become a pioneer in e-commerce instead.

Starshipit have been working with I Love Ugly since 2012, at first fulfilling shipments nationwide. I Love Ugly instantly saw the benefits of automating shipping, and rolled out Starshipit internationally, with the brand now stocked in 13 countries and shipping around the world.

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