Starshipit x Catherine Zoraida

Catherine Zoraida Dec 19

Handpicked by the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge, Gigi Hadid, Emma Watson and Alicia Vikander, Catherine Zoraida is an international jewellery brand known for its elegant, playful, award-winning collections.


Described as “the type of jewellery you never want to take off”, you only need to google ‘Kate Middleton’ to sneak a peek of the exquisitely handcrafted pieces made in England. Their sought-after collections are sold across the world via their website and from selected stockists.

For the past two years, Catherine Zoraida jewellery has been a certified supplier of Fairtrade Gold and Silver. Fairtrade Gold is the worlds first independent ethical certification system for gold. What this means is that the miners involved in producing the metal will have been offered a fair and guaranteed minimum price for their metal.

From supporting campaigns like the ‘Bee Cause’ and being Fairtrade Gold certified, we’re proud to be helping such a beautiful brand ship their products globally.

We work with Catherine Zoraida to simplify shipping of their highly sought-after collections, to their customers, across the world, quickly, efficiently and responsibly.


“The main thing Starshipit has done for us is removed a whole bunch of timely process and painful manual steps and we are able to ship all our orders in half the time. I also love the dashboards, the fact we can choose the courier service – actually there are so many things! Mark & the Support Team are amazing & always quick to help.” 

– Catherine Zoraida, Creative Director & Founder


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