Are you a Fastway customer? Switch to myFastway API & ship faster

Connect your StarShipIT account with the new and improved myFastway API.

What is myFastway API?

MyFastway API is Fastway’s new self-service, digital label system that makes it easier to send and manage your parcels.  The new API streamlines your operations and lets you achieve efficiency when running your business through online accounts and delivery orders. MyFastway gives you access to features such as:

  • Real-time online parcel track and trace
  • Multiple parcel tracking
  • Automatic label printing
  • Quoting  
  • Requesting parcel pickups 

StarShipIT + myFastway API

You can now set up myFastWay as a courier service in your StarShipIT account. Simply register or log in to your myFastway account and create your API Key. You can copy this information straight into StarShipIT and you’re good to go. MyFastway takes away the hassle of manually requesting and activating your API Key.


StarShipIT Flow myFastway

Connect your StarShipIT account and automate your journey – from when an order is placed in your eCommerce platform, to printing your labels and feeding order updates from StarShipIT.

Key features of myFastway API

  • Wallet functionality: Upload money to your account and draw down as required.
  • Printer compatibility: Connect and print to any printer. 
  • Manifest importBulk import of consignments. 
  • Single label printing: No need to purchase books of labels for a specific service or region. 
  • Batch printing: Print a selection, or all, of your consignments.

How does myFastway API work & where is it available?

Whether you’re a new customer or an existing Fastway user, signing up for myFastway is easy. Create an account using your email address, Facebook account, or your Google account. If you’re an existing Fastway customer, you may need to contact your local depot to switch over to the myFastway platform.

Once you’ve registered, upload funds to your wallet where you can view all your credit and debit activity, as well as any consignment details. Finally, connect to your StarShipIT account and you’re ready to ship!

MyFastway is currently available in Australia and New Zealand.

Check out our support article to learn how to integrate your StarShipIT account with myFastway.