BigCommerce + Starshipit: Be smart with your cart

Limited shipping rates got you down? Don’t get stuck with rigid pricing that comes standard with your cart. Live rates at checkout solves the problems of cart abandonment and low conversion rates. 

StarShipIT BigCommerce





Connect with Starshipit

Integrate your BigCommerce platform with Starshipit and offer your customers real-time shipping rates, at the price you’ve negotiated with your preferred carriers. 

With live rates, Starshipit will fetch and display the best options for your customers from more than 12 partner carriers, including StarTrack and DHL Express. BigCommerce merchants can provide customers with more choice and convenience, while simultaneously increasing sales and reducing cart abandonment at checkout.

Benefits of live rates

  • Get full cost visibility 
  • Set up live-rates in minutes 
  • Lower your shopping cart abandonment rate
  • Offer transparent shipping rates to your customers and watch how this drastically increases your conversion rates at checkout 
  • Save merchants and users valuable time

How it works

When a customer places an item in your cart, they’ll see real-time rates at the checkout giving them a range of shipping options to choose from. Once the order is placed in your BigCommerce store, Starshipit imports it straight into your orders dashboard, ready for label printing. It’s really that simple!


BigCommerce StarShipit Integration Quote


Customise your cart

Use Starshipit to edit contract rates and service codes.

  • A contract rate is the pricing you’ve negotiated with your courier company. You can edit these rates displayed at checkout, or add a margin as a flat fee or percentage. 
  • Service codes are the name of the service provided by your courier company. You can choose to hide or rename your service codes.

You can even set up table rates and margins to further customise the rates returned by your courier company. 

For example

You’re based in Sydney and you want to offer a cheaper rate and to a customer based in Perth. It’s a large item and you still want the price to increase with weight.  

Starshipit allows you to set up a table rate that works as a matrix of location and weight.  


Check out our support article on how to set up live rates at checkout.