New & improved Windows app interface!

The team at StarShipIT are continuously optimising the performance of our product to ensure you have a seamless experience, when fulfilling online and offline orders.

We have developed a new Windows app that you can install the app directly on your Windows computer to improve overall processing and printing speed.

Key Benefits

Improved user experience

We have completely redesigned the user interface making it easy for you to navigate through tabs.

The new order detail screen lets you view the rates for each courier. We have improved the layout, so you can now view the sender and receiver details on the same page.

Image of the windows app













Set up multiple workstations and printers

Use the Windows app to connect directly to networked printers, making it quick and easy to add new printers and workstations.

Create manual orders quickly

We have improved the design of the order creation screen reducing process steps, so you can create manual orders even faster.

Print labels faster

Installing the app directly on your computer minimises printer connectivity issues. This increases the speed at which you can generate and print labels.

It’s really that easy!

GIF of printing label














To download the app, select the Settings tab, click Apps, then click Download Windows App. Follow the steps in our support article to connect your printer.

Image showing windows app










The changes we have made in the Windows app will also be rolled out to the web experience.  We are always looking for ways to improve and would love to hear your thoughts!

If you have any feedback or suggestions, there is a feedback form you can complete within the app.  Please take a few minutes to tell us what you like or what you don’t like, plus any improvements you would like to see.

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