New! StarShipIT Version 2

After lots of fantastic feedback we are really excited to be able to announce the availability of Version 2 of StarShipIT with a new design and some other great improvements.

NOTE: While we encourage to use the newer version, if you require more time for training or have any technical issues, don’t worry, the older version will remain available at the link below:

Older version:

Some of the highlights include:


A new dashboard has been introduced where you can see a summary of your activity as well as compare fulfillment and delivery times against the average. (Let us know what else you would like to see here – you feedback is valuable).


Orders Grid Menu Structure

We have modified the orders menu structure to allow for easier navigation between views. They are now tabbed across the top of the grid as in the example below.



Orders Search and Filter

Big improvements in the filtering of orders.  Search and filter now work from the same text box and we have also introduced the ability to save filters. Just place the cursor in the filter box and select from a suggested filter, or start typing. The same if you wish to do a search. To save the filter for next time, select “Save this view”.



Unshipped Orders Dialog

The unshipped orders dialog has a new look to it. We have done away with the tabbed view to give you all the information on the one page (this was a common request). Each section can be expanded or contracted and this is configurable between visits.

e.g. if you are printing packing slips and don’t need the items and skus displayed, minimize this section for a less cluttered feel.



Shipped Orders Page

In the shipped details page all the same information is avilable but the layout has changed considerably…best seen in the screen shot below.


Search and Quick Print

We have consolidated the search and quick print, but the functionality remains the same. We will continue to improve the speed and accuracy of the search as well as provide more options with Quick Print.



That’s some of the changes! Remember:

Over the next few weeks the new version will be available at while the existing version will remain accessible at

And let us know your feedback! This is best done from within the app by selecting the feedback menu item on the left hand side.