DHL on-demand delivery

We have a number of customers wanting more information on different delivery services.  In particular, 3 hour and on demand delivery are very topical so we have provided an overview on DHL’s On Demand Delivery service as follows.

For Australia based eCommerce customers, DHL’s on demand delivery service is available – a service that allows shippers and receivers globally to select from a range of flexible and convenient delivery options.

With On Demand Delivery, shippers can choose to activate specific delivery options and have DHL Express notify their customers via email or SMS about a shipment’s progress. The customers can then select the delivery option that best suits their requirements via the On Demand Delivery website.

DHL say that the service is “specifically tailored” to the demands of international e-commerce deliveries, where the majority of shipments are addressed to residential addresses and customers crave flexibility and convenience.

Charlie Dobbie, Executive Vice President, Network Operations, Aviation and IT, DHL Express, said: “On Demand Delivery isn’t just a new customer interface – it also represents an enhancement of our worldwide network, as we have tailored our last-mile operations to meet the specific demands of cross-border e-commerce deliveries.”

“Thanks to On Demand Delivery, we can support the service offering of online shippers and improve the delivery experience for their customers, while improving our own efficiency, particularly for last-mile deliveries.”

The increase in consumers buying high-value and premium goods online has led to an upsurge in e-Commerce deliveries. There has also been a large growth in start-up retailers who are expanding to new overseas markets and need a reliable and fast worldwide door-to-door delivery service,” commented Mark Foy, Country Manager, DHL Express New Zealand when the service launched in 2017.

The  On Demand Delivery site can be accessed from smartphones, tablets and PCs, and offers receivers up to six delivery options. Shippers can incorporate their own branding into customer notifications.

Receivers can schedule a delivery, arrange delivery to a nearby DHL Service Point or their own alternate address, and request that a shipment is put on hold during a vacation.

DHL On Demand Delivery service offers the following:

  • In-transit updates
  • Pre-payment of duties and taxes
  • Signature Release
  • Leave with a neighbor

You can access these options and more by simply clicking the “Manage your delivery” link included in the Tracking and Invoice confirmation e-mail you receive once the order ships.

“While On Demand Delivery is a strong technology tool that puts our customers at the heart of our business, it also represents a significant enhancement of our worldwide network. We have tailored our last-mile operations to meet the specific demands of cross-border e-commerce deliveries, and have provided more options to consumers to make the delivery of goods bought online as convenient as the purchase of them. Thanks to On Demand Delivery, we are enhancing the delivery experience for our customer’s customers, while improving our own efficiency, particularly for last-mile deliveries.” Mark Foy, Country Manager, DHL Express New Zealand

On Demand Delivery is now available across Asia Pacific – including Australia, China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand – with more than 100 other countries globally.

Visit DHL’s website for more information on the DHL On Demand service or talk to your DHL Account Manager.

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