What is eCommerce order fulfilment?

Order fulfilment is defined as the steps involved in receiving, processing and delivering orders to end customers

As anyone well-versed in operational eCommerce is aware, this actually encompasses a number of complex steps throughout the supply chain that all play a significant role in how customers perceive your business.

Managing, fulfilling and shipping orders successfully requires you to have robust processes and systems in place.

To name only a few of the steps, proper fulfillment requires:

  1. Warehouse organisation
  2. Order management
  3. Packaging
  4. Shipping
  5. Customer communication

But you may not have to do some — or all — of those processes in-house.  There are a number of different options available to you depending on the size of your business and volume of orders.

If you do choose to do direct fulfillment then you may want to consider utilising automation software to reduce the time and errors associated with manual tasks.  Automated fulfillment will save you countless hours spent on fulfilling orders and can improve speed of delivery, reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction levels.

StarShipIT enables you to automate fulfilment

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