What kind of printer should you use to print shipping labels

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “what printer should I use?”

Choosing the right printer for printing shipping labels

There are 2 main types of printers; A4 laser printers or thermal printers with 100×150 labels.

In most cases we recommend a thermal printer because:

  • Each label is printed individually
  • Thermal printers do not require ink
  • They can also print to adhesive labels

However, if you are just starting out, you may want to use an A4 laser printer.  These are ideal if you print low volumes of labels.

Different types of thermal printers that you can get include:

  • SATO WS408DT
  • SATO CG412DT
  • SATO CG408DT
  • SATO D512
  • Zebra GK420D
  • Zebra LP2844 / LP2844-Z
  • Zebra ZT230
  • DYMO 4X

Often it is dependent on the courier that you are using.  For example, NZ Post or eShip require an A4, A5 printer or label printer with 100mm or larger aperture.

eParcel can print labels to A4 sheets (these are usually provided by Australia Post with pre printed logos). The downside to this is if you only have to print a few labels then you are wasting half of the page.  A thermal printer doesn’t have this issue at all.   eParcel can print to many different types of printers, including laser, inkjet and thermal.  

DHL:  All of the printers mentioned for the other carriers are suitable for DHL labels.  As with the other carriers, there are many different printer makes and models that will fit the bill.

To find out what specific label size your choice of carrier needs, please contact them directly.

Check out our support centre for lots of helpful documents on how to set up your printer.

For more information on label printing or StarShipIT, please contact our support team at support@starshipit.com