How to improve your eCommerce order fulfilment process

eCommerce sales continue to expand at more than twice the rate of total retail growth, however, it still only represents an average 8.5% of all annual retail trade. By 2025, however, one of every four dollars spent in retail will be through an online store.

The means that your eCommerce website will be a more significant part of your omni-channel business as time goes on. Therefore it is more critical than ever to handle eCommerce fulfillment in a timely and cost efficient method.

True cost of fulfillment

eCommerce fulfilment can be expensive. Automating with technology can reduce costs and remove pain points.

Logical Partnerships Emerge for eCommerce Fulfilment

The importance of your online store is not lost to your eCommerce provider nor to any big shipping company. With Amazon fulfillment setting the bar for fast home delivery, logistics providers are rushing to help businesses fulfil their eCommerce website orders. They’re also teaming up with platforms to provide faster eCommerce fulfillment in more markets.

For example, Shopify recently added DHL express as an international carrier option. This gives more Shopify customers lower shipping rates previously available only to customers with enterprise accounts.  If you are a Shopify merchant, Shopify will integrate with StarShipIT so that you can add DHL Express along with your choice of other carriers and offer a more complete multi carrier shipping solution.

Automate eCommerce Fulfillment

While physical retailers sell on websites, pure-play eCommerce brands are opening physical stores. Meanwhile, both use marketplaces to reach more customers. Omni-channel commerce is the model of the future and can increase sales significantly.  However, the more channels you use, the more work is involved in order to manage order fulfillment. This increases the amount of time and resources you need to process and fulfil orders. Use technology to automate your business processes to help keep costs down as your business grows.



StarShipIT enables you to automate fulfilment

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