9 ways to maximise your eCommerce sales on a tight budget

With only 3 weeks till Christmas, there is still time to do a quick marketing review and make some easy additions to improve your sales!

1. Triggered Emails – When a guest visits your website but leaves products in their cart without following through with a purchase, then you need to have automated emails that remind them to follow through with their purchase. Consider offering an extra incentive for them to visit your site again such as a special discount.  

2. Review your shipping rates – if you lost a customer at the shopping cart, is the shipping cost too high?   Can you offer FREE shipping over a certain spend threshold?  How about offering a bundle – buy one and get another 20% off and free shipping.

3.Branded tracking page & shipping notifications to upsell – If you’re using StarShipIT integrated shipping and tracking software already, are you using a branded tracking page and customised shipping updates? 

You can set up these up easily within the StarShipIT Settings to create customised automated shipping notifications and a branded tracking page.  A branded tracking page is a great way to upsell to your customer while they are checking on an order status – why send your customer to a courier tracking page when you can have them go to a page that looks like your own website, with your branding and special offers? Jolly up your tracking page and shipping notifications – stand out from the bland.

StarShipIT includes these features free for all customers – for more information check out the full article.  engage-new2

4. Customer Journey – Make time to test your website and watch the bounce rate (Google Analytics is a free tool for this). What pages are you losing them on? How long does it take to load each page – look at optimising your site speed.  This will only take a few hours of your time and could make a huge impact on customer stick-ability on your site.

5. Website Content – Jolly up your website! Add some appropriate seasonal graphics to help create the right mood and environment when selling Christmas gifts.  Having a separate section or page that showcases great Christmas gifts ideas works really well.   Put your best buys and “trending nows” on the home page, and create a sense of urgency – limited stock, only 10 items left etc.  Have sections like Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Gifts for Teenagers etc.  Make it easy for last minute shoppers to find that perfect gift! 

6. Payments – Make it simple, safe and secure to make a purchase. Not everyone is comfortable with Paypal, so you may want to offer another option as well, if that is currently your only method of taking online payments.  How about offering After Pay, Laybuy or other split payment options to make it more affordable to customers? 

True cost of fulfillment7.  Customer Loyalty Programs – The goal of your business is to make money, right? Consider all of the ways you can increase customer spending. From special coupon codes to reward points, there are many ways to engage a new customer – and much of it can be automated via email campaigns.

8. Spread Christmas cheer– Use social media to keep customers updated on new product arrivals, show photographs of new products,  and even inject a bit of humour.  Social media is the perfect channel to spread some Christmas cheer amongst your customers.   Here’s a great example of a bricks and mortar store who uses gnomes to bring a bit of cheer to their Facebook page.  Pinterst and Insta are all about the visual, so make sure you post your best products and gift ideas and create special Christmas boards to showcase your wares.  Consider a Facebook Christmas shop, are there any other channels you can use to sell through?


9. Go the extra mile – add a little something to the parcel as a surprise and delight – how about a little Christmas treat or a hand written thank you card on bigger purchases?  Or include a discount voucher in their parcel to use on their next purchase – in today’s automated world, the personal touch goes a long way and may just get them back for that last, almost forgotten Christmas gift purchase!


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