Use your shipping notifications to upsell and increase sales over the busy season

There are a few clever ways to get your brand in front of your customers’ eyes during the busiest time of the year for retailers.

Rather than investing in additional advertising over a peak period and hoping to make a few extra customers, here’s a few ways you may not have thought of to up-sell, cross sell and increase repeat business with your existing customers.


Branded tracking pages – have you set these up yet?


branded tracking iMac

Branded Tracking pages are a great way to upsell to customers while they check their order status – in your voice and branding


Maximise sales this season with customisable branded tracking pages and shipping notification emails 

Many of our customers are using branded tracking pages and automated shipping notifications to keep their customers updated on latest offers and use it as a chance to up-sell. Shipping notification emails have 80-90% open rates in most businesses – even higher than the receipt email.

Shipping notification emails have 80-90% open rates in most businesses!  More people see this email than any other email you send. (2016 Email marketing benchmarks, MailChimp Research).

This makes the shipping notification email one of the best places for another subtle offer – as well as the most cost effective.  Why send your customers to a courier’s website when you could drive them to a customisable page that looks and feels like your brand?

Branded tracking pages are ideal for special offers and newsletter signup options to keep them connected with your brand as well as to inform them of their order’s status.  Customised shipping notifications via text and SMS further cement your messaging.

branded emails

Shipping notification emails allow you to up-sell when the customer checks their order status

Example 1) Dollcake

As you can see below, our customer Dollcake uses their branded tracking page to promote their Sale items while customers are checking on their delivery status with a strong call to action button taking them to the website for some impromptu shopping.

DollCake graphic on screen

Dollcake use a branded tracking page to upsell to customers and  customised shipping notifications via SMS


Example 2) Coast use their branded tracking page as an opportunity to keep their brand image and voice consistent, by simply customising it with their logo.

StarShipIT branded tracking page, Coast example


Get your branded tracking page setup asap and start using your shipping notifications to make the most of the holiday season!


For more information on how to set up your branded tracking pages or customised messages, check out the support documentation.

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