Reduce delivery errors by over 90% with automated fulfilment

Retailers face a multitude of challenges every day. One of the most expensive is delivery errors.  Manual handling of customer addresses, courier tracking numbers and other important delivery information means a higher chance of errors in labels.  Errors in labels are one of the main causes of delivery errors.

Delivery issues are expensive and will eat into your profit margin, not to mention time consuming to resolve and frustrating for you and your customer.

Common delivery errors include:

  • Incorrect address or postcode resulting in delays or incorrect delivery to another address
  • Multiple attempts to deliver
  • Non delivery or ‘lost in transit’
  • Returned to sender as wrong address
  • International shipping issues e.g. rejected by customs due to inadequate label and manifests

As well as the additional costs incurred with your freight company, there is also the additional time involved to resolve customer issues.

Given the fact that the shipping (and delivery) of the goods is the most important part to the customer, you need to ensure that your shipping and fulfillment processes and providers are accurate, fast and reliable.


Stack of boxes w courier labels

Automating fulfillment and shipping will reduce the chance of human error when processing orders, creating labels and manually completing customs documentation.  Choosing the right automation and integration partner is one of the most important decisions you will make when developing your eCommerce systems and processes.  Take away the pain of having to manage it all yourself – just set and forget!

StarShipIT is integrated shipping and tracking software that simplifies and automates the process of fulfilling online and offline orders. It will integrate with over 11 Australasian couriers including Australia Post, DHL, Fastway and more.

StarShipIT integrates with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce as well as a number of key inventory management systems.

StarShipIT’s automation features will enable you to reduce delivery errors considerably, as much as 95% or more in most cases.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“Working with StarShipIT has been a super smart move for our business. Online retail is fast, and as an on-demand manufacturer in this space, it means ease of use, speed, and accuracy in your shipment tracking software become that much more important.  It’s not just the time saving, it’s the reliability, the accuracy and cost saving for us.  The goal for us is to get the order right first time. Having systems in place that allow you to make mistakes as you grow just multiplies the problems. We definitely benefit from the time saving that StarShipIT provides but the other benefits that are less measurable are just as important.”   James Tinsley, Fit My Car, winner of ORIAS Best New Online Retailer 2017.

Before StarShipIT,some of the key challenges we faced were lost shipments and communication delays, shipments taking a long time to arrive internationally, inability to track some shipments, balancing shipping cost vs speed of delivery – finding the perfect balance.  After we integrated StarShipIT, we now have accuracy in addresses, very little ability for error as everything is automated.” Iyia Liu, Waist Trainer & Luxe Fitness.

“Automation was the key factor for us – cutting out manual processes, removing the chance of human error, not wasting time doing admin that could be automated.  There’s not much margin in retail stores so we are prepared to do whatever we can to keep the costs down.”  Dominique Perri, YOKO

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