9 ways to improve your eCommerce sales

With the busiest season of the year upon us, now is great time to do a quick website review and look for any easy wins to improve your sales.

Here are 9 ways you can increase your chances of converting a visitor into a customer.

  1. Triggered Emails – When a guest visits your website but leaves products in their cart without following through with a purchase, then you need to have automated emails that remind them to follow through with their purchase. Consider offering an extra incentive for them to visit your site again such as a special discount.  Also review your shipping rates, if you lost them at the shopping cart – is the shipping cost as high as the product item costs?  Can you offer FREE shipping over a certain spend threshold?  You can also set up automated shipping notifications and use a branded tracking page to up-sell to customers.  StarShipIT includes these features free for all customers – for more information check out the full article.  


2. Customer Journey – Make time to test your website and watch the bounce rate (Google Analytics is a free tool for this). What pages are you losing them on? How long does it take to load each page – look at optimising your site speed.

3. Mobile Responsive – If your website is not yet designed to be mobile-friendly (or responsive), then don’t put it off any longer. According to Social Media Today, 88% of consumers search for local businesses on a mobile device and then contact or visit that business within 24 hours.  


4. Website Content – Your website content must engage your site guests. Write about your products and explain how users can benefit from using them and tell the story behind a product or service.  Is there a unique story about where your product is made, do you have testimonials from customer’s who lives have been changed?  Looks for unique ways to bring the content to life and create demand.

5. Payments – Make it simple, safe and secure to make a purchase. Not everyone is comfortable with Paypal, so you may want to offer another option as well, if that is currently your only method of taking online payments.  How about offering After Pay, Laybuy or other split payment options to make it more affordable to customers?

True cost of fulfillment6.  Customer Loyalty Programs – The goal of your business is to make money, right? Consider all of the ways you can to increase customer spending. From special coupon codes to reward points, there are many ways to engage a new customer – and much of it can be automated via email campaigns.  Building a long-term relationship with a customer is much easier when they feel you are making their life easier and/or helping them save money. Make targeted offers that help your customers afford the items they want and increase the likelihood they will make a repeat purchase.

7.  Artificial Intelligence – No longer just something in the Sci-Fi world, AI is starting to become a part of business, especially as it pertains to voice recognition.  Consider having your eCommerce site set up to work with voice recognition software so that it is easier for site guests to engage and make requests.

8. Affiliate Programs – If you are wanting to boost awareness of your eCommerce offerings, consider enabling others to sell your products with an affiliate program. Its a win-win for all parties involved.

9. Establish a Presence – Don’t be afraid to expand your reach by setting up a shop on sites such as Amazon, Etsy, Trademe or eBay. By having a store on any of these sites, you will gain more notice, drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately, increase your sales.


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