How to use branded tracking pages & shipping notifications to engage and upsell

Many of our customers are using branded tracking pages and automated shipping notifications to keep their customers updated on latest offers and use it as a chance to upsell. Shipping notification emails have 80-90% open rates in most businesses – even higher than the receipt email! These kinds of notifications make the shipping notification a great place for another subtle offer. Include some extra offers in your shipping notifications or introduce a branded tracking page.

We have improved our customer communication functionality including editable text alerts, greater email options (now you can choose from five stages of the delivery process to communicate status!), return label generator and the introduction of branded tracking pages!


Your Branding + Your Voice

Own your customers’ send-to-end experience!

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1. Text notifications

You can stay in touch with your customer every step of the delivery process with StarShipIT’s text notifications. You can opt in to send texts at any or all of the 5 key stages of the delivery process including Printed, Dispatched, In-transit, Out for Delivery, Delivered. Using our text editor you can customize the content of texts. All text messages will be charged at 15c ($AU) (15c ($NZ) for NZ companies. NB: these are not available with all carriers – please contact us at for a complete list of couriers that can enable this feature.

custom SMS alerts


2. Greater Event notifications

Wow your customers with great customer service after shipping by using our updated notifications engine. It is now easier than ever to keep your customers updated on the progress of their deliveries. We now have five events during the delivery run that you can choose to send emails to your customers about the status of their package including: Printed, Dispatched, In-transit, Out for Delivery, Delivered. At each of these events you can customize the content of your emails and text and each comes with its own customized template. You can use our email editor to add your own logos, branding and links. Your branding- your voice!

In this example below, Federal St tracking page shows the 5 stages of transit that the customer’s parcel will go through.  Customers can easily check in and keep track of their purchase as it moves through the 5 stages without you having to take calls or answer emails.  Save precious time and reduce costs!

branded tracking iMac



   3. Branded Tracking Pages

Further engage with your customers after shipping with your own Branded Tracking page. Add your own logo, words,  links and images to your Branded Tracking page. Its all easy to create, update and manage the look and feel of your own page using our HTML editor. Your branded emails and texts will send links to your branded tracking bringing customers back to your store.

Here are two StarShipIT eCommerce customers who are using branded tracking pages, Dollcake and Coast.

Example 1)  Dollcake are using their branded tracking page as an opportunity to up-sell to customers by showcasing some of their products as well as a link through to their website.

DollCake graphic on screen

Example 2) Coast are using their branded tracking page as an opportunity to keep their brand image and voice consistent, by simply customising it with their logo.

StarShipIT branded tracking page, Coast example

However you decide to use your branded tracking page, it is a great way to keep your brand top of mind for your customers! And it’s free!

For more information on how to set up your branded tracking pages or customised messages, check out the support documentation.

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