Hello Molly: Processing 15% more orders per day with StarShipIT



We sought out one of our highly successful online retail customers, Hello Molly to share with us their experience with StarShipIT to date.

Ena Eaton, Operations Manager, has been with Hello Molly for several years now, looking after the operations side of the business.   Hello Molly is an online retailer of on trend fashion for young women, based in Sydney, Australia, with 15 full time employees.

Prior to using StarShipIT, the team were having to manually produce labels, a time consuming process which became more challenging as the business grew.  With an ever increasing pile of orders to get through, the team needed a solution that would enable them to automate the process of producing labels while also allowing them to continue using DHL Express and Australia Post as their preferred carriers.

Their web developer proactively searched for a suitable technology solution that would meet their criteria:

  • Needed to integrate with DHL Express & AusPost to automatically produce labels and shipping documentation
  • Easy to train the warehouse staff to use
  • Cost effective

He reviewed the options available and decided that StarShipIT integrated shipping and tracking software was the right solution for Hello Molly, as it ticked all the boxes.

After a very easy implementation with their Magento eCommerce site and their couriers, they were away.

One of Hello Molly’s core values is centred around it’s delivery promise.  Hello Molly state on their website that all orders placed by 2.00pm will be shipped out that day.  This delivery promise can only be achieved with the efficiency of StarShipIT, which enables Ena’s team to get all orders received by 2.00pm packed and ready for pickup.

Due to the speed and efficiency of StarShipIT, the Hello Molly team can actually process orders received up until 3.00pm, meaning they can get through at least 15% more orders per day, quite a feat when they’re processing around 2000 orders a week.

Using their winning combination of DHL Express and AusPost, with StarShipIT, the increased efficiency has helped the business to grow considerably.

“Australia Post has the biggest network and is really reliable.  DHL Express can get customer orders to the US in just 3-4 days – they’re superfast and reliable.  The team can process orders faster, with so much efficiency, customers are happy as their goods arrive on time and we have many repeat customers – all of which has contributed to the success and growth the company has seen over the past few years” says Ena.

Ena and the team are proud of not only meeting their delivery promise but also exceeding customer delivery time expectations.  After 3 years using StarShipIT, the business has been able to focus on growth and now has a loyal following of customers in the United States.

Ena reported that “many US customers receive their orders from Sydney sooner than they would have if they’d ordered within the US!”

Ena shared the following key benefits of using StarShipIT with us:

  • Integrates with our preferred carriers
  • Easy to train the warehouse staff to use it
  • Increased efficiency with fast label printing and documentation
  • Cost effective
  • Enables them to process 15% more orders, per day

“StarShipIT is a great, easy-to-use tool that has resolved some of the biggest headaches we experienced in order fulfillment as our company rapidly grew. Thanks to StarshipIT, we can process and ship orders at a rate that keeps our customer satisfaction levels high and manpower costs low!” – Ena Eaton, Operations Manager – Hello Molly

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