It’s Now Cool: Online swimwear brand reducing man hours by 50%

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Director of online swimwear store It’s Now Cool, Ryan Stanistreet knew something had to give.  The costs and time associated with shipping customer orders was impacting the business with the rapid growth of their online store.

Ryan needed a more efficient way to automate their shipping process.  As the business grew, the process of booking shipments with multiple carriers and manually entering customer shipping information had become time consuming and expensive, a common issue for online retailers.

Ryan identified the need for a shipping technology solution that would reduce costs and the number of hours per week spent on shipping related matters.

It’s Now Cool needed to move to a technology solution that ticked the following boxes:

  • Easy to use
  • The ability to plug in to their existing freight providers
  • Automate their shipping process
  • Reduce time spent on shipping matters
  • Provide a centralised shipping portal

Ryan worked with the dedicated support service from the on-boarding to integrate the system quickly and make sure sufficient testing and training were conducted with his team.  After a simple implementation process to integrate with their eCommerce platform, they have now been using StarShipIT for a year.

Key results after one year…

“We now have efficiency, automation and ease of use for staff with a central shipping portal.  We also receive great support from the StarShipIT team when required.  The key benefit for us was the reduction in man hours needed to book shipments.

We chose StarShipIT as they integrated seamlessly into our business and have scaled with us as we have grown.  StarShipIT has added so much efficiency to our business I don’t know how we operated without it for so long. The on boarding support and integration was next level and follow up support when need was fast and efficient. Adding StarShipIT to our business has cut down our man hours shipping process by half. Would highly recommend!!!”  Ryan Stanistreet, Director – It’s Now Cool

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Watch our explainer video to see how easy it is to reduce man hours like Ryan has.