StarShipIT now integrates with TNT

One of our biggest areas of focus is to continue releasing new courier integrations for our customers who require greater flexibility.  We are pleased to announce that we now offer integration with TNT.



Businesses using TNT can now save time by automating fulfillment through StarShipIT.  Our customers running stores on eCommerce platforms can now opt to deliver through TNT’s delivery services.

If you wish to integrate with TNT, check out our support documentation or email and we’ll help get you up and running.

StarShipIT offers you the flexibility to pick and choose which carriers you wish to use for both Domestic and International shipping.  We now proudly integrate with the widest range of estores and couriers allowing you to sell through more than channel and distribute using a mix of carriers.

Do you spend more money and time on shipping than you need to?

Some of the biggest issues our customers share with us is the cost and time spent on processing orders and fulfillment.

If you are looking for ways to reduce shipping costs and reduce time spent manually creating labels, manifests and dispatching orders, then you may like to consider using our integrated shipping and tracking software.

Some of the benefits our customers experience include:

  • Improved customer experience with your brand
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduction in shipping costs
  • Reduced man hours spent manually creating documentation for shipping

How can StarShipIT resolve your shipping issues?

With StarShipIT’s integrated shipping and tracking software, TNT users can now automate their fulfillment and eliminate manual processes with orders automatically imported from all their selling channels, batch printing of labels, invoices and picking slips, automatic creation of customs docs, manifests and booking a pick up.

Errors will also be eliminated with StarShipIT’s address lookup functionality and auto address correction. Customer service and engagement is taken to the next level with customisable, branded text and email alerts to keep your customers in the loop as well as customisable branded tracking pages.

Reduce barriers to purchase

One of the biggest barriers to purchasing online is the fear of the product not being what you want and needing to return it – only for the retailer to deny your refund request.  StarShipIT enables you to offer an optional self-service return label generator for customers to print a return slip at home and return the goods for a credit.




Check out the full list of features and capabilities of StarShipIT and start saving with StarShipIT today!