Key sending dates from Aus Post to ensure you get it there on time

Final posting dates for Christmas

Get Christmas sending sorted, by posting items no later than our recommended dates here.

Sending in Australia

Express Post

Thursday 22 December*

Standard parcels

Within same state

Within metropolitan areas of capital cities, or within the same city or town or environs: allow 2 business days

Between a metropolitan area of a capital city and a rural location: up to 4 business days

Between rural locations: up to 5 business days

To interstate

Between Sydney/Brisbane, Sydney/Melbourne, Melbourne/Canberra or Melbourne/Adelaide: allow 2-3 business days

Between Sydney/Adelaide, Melbourne/Brisbane, Melbourne/Tasmania or Adelaide/Canberra: allow 3-4 business days

Between other capital cities: allow 5-6 business days


Regular: 2-6 business days^ depending on destination

Priority: 1-4 business days^ depending on destination

Registered: 2-6 business days^ depending on destination

Sending overseas

Overseas postage times can vary a lot. It depends on where your item is going, and what type of postage you’ve used. Your best bet is to use Aus Post’s delivery times calculator below. Note that final posting dates for Sea Mail have now passed.