Out of the box thinking – re-print, re-do and add a shipment

People are always asking us when they should use these different functions so I thought it was a good idea to write a support article on it and also provide a quick overview in our blog.

1) Re-print

Coffee spill on your label, paper get stuck in the label printer? No problem within StarShipIT you can re-print any label you have already printed.

2) Re-do 

You use the re-do functionality to replace the the existing label you have created. You can use this when you have made a mistake with the order such as entered in the incorrect address.

3) Add shipment 

The add shipment functionality is used to clone the ticket you have already created a label for to create a new shipment. You would use this when you are sending the same or similar order to a customer. When you use this feature you end up with 2 shipments the original and the new duplicated shipment.


For the full steps please refer to our support article here or contact support@starshipit.com



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