Drive sales with email campaigns


As an ecommerce business, online sales are at the center of everything you’re hoping to accomplish. From driving your revenue to building your customer base, how you’re able to sell and who you can sell to makes all the difference.

When sales aren’t coming quite as quickly as you’d like, it may be the time to take a different approach to how you’re presenting yourself to customers, fans, and prospective shoppers. Through the power of email, you can position yourself as a reliable industry leader, driving more sales and taking your business to the next level.

Integrate Automation

Tired of sending emails by hand? Even if you’re taking advantage of lists ervs instead of typing out individual messages over and over, there are so many additional ways to automate your email marketing to save you time, money, and effort.

Including everything from standalone mail programs like MailChimp to more comprehensive marketing tools that can be used to tie your digital campaigns together as one, there are many ways to streamline how you address email marketing. From organizing different lists of individuals to integration with ecommerce platforms and analytics programs, the right tools can keep your organized and on track, no matter what direction you choose to take your email marketing.

Implement Series

Sending emails shouldn’t be an ad hoc project. When it comes to customer contact, balancing must-have information with an overwhelming barrage of messages can be a tricky feat. Too many companies are overeager, spamming new subscribers with email after email full of content that, while valuable, isn’t appropriate in the current format.

Prior to beginning your email campaign, take the time to develop a method to the madness. Outline the emails you’d like to include, like a welcome series of introductory content, an abandoned cart series to address hesitant shoppers, a thank you series to acknowledge your loyal customers, and a series to acknowledge a lack of business or interaction. These emails should all be fully formed and ready to send, making it easy to automate the process and enhance the quality of communications.

Personalize Content

All consumers know that your emails aren’t written specifically to them, but a personalized message can still feel special. When you want to make a statement with your emails that can increase the rate at which messages are opened and read, customizing content can be very helpful.

The early days of email marketing saw generic emails sent to an entire subscriber list, but today’s techniques can take your strategy one step further. Instead of sending the same thing to everyone, focus on catering to your shoppers’ specific interests. For example, there’s no need to send a note about your amazing sale on women’s attire to the men on your list; instead, focus on areas of interest based on demographic information and prior purchases. This way, customers are less likely to get tired of hearing from you, and are more likely to open your messages when your track record of relevancy and value is strong.

Reward Active Users

Loyal, faithful customers are among your largest assets, whether you realize it or not. With so many online shopping possibilities, customers have hundreds of stores to consider when making a purchase decision. When you’re that choice, you have a position of power that’s important to take seriously.

Instead of assuming your repeat shoppers will continue to buy, reward them for their loyalty and dedication to keep them engaged. Customers appreciate feeling as though their business is valued, and email incentives can only help strengthen your cause. The cost of a promo code, a shipping discount, or an exclusive sale is limited to you, but can mean the world in building consumer loyalty. When you invest in your frequent shoppers, they’ll be more likely to invest in you.

Incentivize Reviews

Online reviews are extremely important to consumers; nearly 90% of web users trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation. As such, positive reviews can go far in instilling confidence in shoppers, creating a brand reputation that can boost sales and increase organic growth.

However, getting customers to actually leave reviews is another story. In general, unless consumers are extremely unhappy or unusually satisfied, feedback rarely enters the equation. Email marketing can mitigate this issue, however; by reminding customers of purchases, providing a link to a review page, and offering an incentive of some sort, you’re much more likely to see reviewing increase. A small token, like 10% off when an item is reviewed or the chance to enter a drawing, won’t cost you much, but the benefits offered to your store can make a significant difference.

Address Abandoned Carts

We’ve all been there. You find items you like, fill your virtual cart, head to the checkout, and, for whatever reason, don’t go through the sale. As a consumer, you move on quickly without a second thought, but as a company, alarm bells go off.

Sometimes, there isn’t a good reason for cart abandonment. Some shoppers are put off by the total they see on the checkout page, while others are deterred by shipping costs. And, of course, many simply lose interest and stop shopping. As an ecommerce business, every abandoned cart is an abandoned sale, and email can be a great way to capitalize on these potential losses. By targeting customers who abandoned their carts with personalized information and offering an incentive, like a promo code, it’s possible to drive customers back to finish the process.

Discount and Streamline Shipping

Let’s face it – shipping is a big deal in ecommerce. When shopping in a brick and mortar storefront, items purchased are available immediately, putting the need for shipping at a distinct disadvantage. As such, lightening the load with free, discounted, or faster shipping than average can be extremely influential, driving customers to make a purchase.

Even if an extra few dollars to ship a purchase doesn’t seem like too much to ask, your shoppers may see things differently. As one of the top drivers of abandoned carts, shipping prices have the potential to make or break sales, hurting your revenue. Identifying shipping weaknesses, addressing them, and communicating your changes via email, whether temporary or permanent, to your customers can be extremely effective, giving shoppers new-found motivation to follow through with a purchase. And, with the help of automation tools like ShipIT, it’s possible to streamline the shipping process, giving you the opportunity to help you – and your customers – save more.

Whether you use email frequently or keep your communications few and far between, the right approach can provide serious benefits to your sales. By implementing effective, efficient email campaigns designed to court customers, reward loyalty, and provide advantages to your subscriber list, it’s possible to give your business the boost it needs in order to stay competitive in the marketplace.