3 ways multi-channel selling can take your business to new levels

It’s no secret that more and more shoppers each year are turning to online retail markets to satisfy their needs as consumers. As a result, the eCommerce sector has gained a reputation for exhibiting rapid growth and massive opportunities to drive sales. Some of the world’s largest retailers are finding that eCommerce channels are helping to exceed sales estimates and raise brand exposure.

Globally, an estimated 61 percent of all online shoppers start their process with a simple web search for a product. For a business contending for sales, simply establishing broad exposure for a product or brand can make a major impact on its eventual success or failure.

With this in mind, what can you do to make sure your business is on the winning end of these concepts? The answer is simple: develop a multi channel sales model that fits your specific needs.

Successful multi channel selling has become more attainable in the recent past, with large retail sites like Amazon and Ebay offering the option for integration with individual retailers. The opportunities to expand your brand’s exposure are out there; don’t leave it up to chance. Here are three ways multi channel selling can extend your reach into key markets and grow your business.

1. Multi Channel Selling is Effective and Cost-Saving

Imagine that you have a single store in a single city where your products are sold. Maybe you can produce a strong brand and a high level of exposure in that area. Now imagine you can almost instantly open countless identical stores that span across the entire world; you would expect a massive growth in sales, right? Basically, this is like what happens when you open your business to new, wider channels. Suddenly your brand audience is much larger and your products gain exposure in new ways.

Platforms like Etsy, Shopify and Amazon offer businesses the opportunity to extend their reach, and in turn, the magnitude of their business. Multi channel sales can be versatile and driven through platforms that best fit the model of your individual business; even social media channels are giving retailers the option to market products and drive sales.

Multi channel selling can effectively maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and eCommerce approach. It’s cheaper and more versatile to increase the size of your online presence and the possibilities are practically unlimited.

ShipIT is a cloud-based integration company that allows you to simplify your multi channel business model so that you can reach these benefits with limited difficulty. Once you extend your reach into multiple selling channels, ShipIT consolidates orders from all your different avenues and communicates with your delivery service to keep your business running smoothly.

2. There is no “One Size Fits All” for ECommerce Solutions

No two business are exactly homogeneous in their business models: One retailer might strive to permeate the markets through social media while the other wants to be present in the largest multi channel retail platforms.

Multi channel eCommerce can achieve different goals for different users and that’s what makes it such a unique strategy. Whatever the direction your business wants to move in extending its reach, there is a platform or strategy for finding new channels that fits your company. The result is that the online growth of your business looks exactly how you want it to look: there’s no limitation to the way you can use certain channels to innovate your market presence.

ShipIT understands the need for versatile solutions for your business. Offering integration packages for businesses of varying sizes and interfacing with those businesses to find effective strategies to fit their specific needs, ShipIT extends the natural versatility created by multiple channel strategies.

ShipIT has experience with integration in partnership with many major multi channel platforms and many more major distributors. With streamlined service on an easy-to-use online and app-based interface, the uncertainty is removed from multi channel retail and replaced with efficiency.

3. There Are Obstacles to Multi Channel Commerce but Overcoming Them Can be Easy and Profitable

Growing your business through new sales channels isn’t simply as easy as snapping your fingers. As with any strategy that broadens or diversifies your business model, it can be confusing and come with a few key obstacles, notably at the back end.

See, you’ve used a versatile and innovative strategy to make your product available to countless new customers and driven your sales to a new level, but how can you be sure that this level of sales is sustainable for your physical business?

84 percent of online retailers surveyed said that for them, the biggest roadblack to establishing an effective online presence was coordinating delivery. When a retailer grows, issues can arise with shipping to new areas or suddenly needing to distribute a higher quantity of orders.

These issues shouldn’t be discouraging for business owners striving to reach new markets. In fact, the comparative obstacles associated with growing a business online are quite small compared to physical growth. Businesses that grow through the exploration of new online retail markets have the luxury of reducing physical capital investment.

Additionally, ShipIT acts as a liaison for retailers in coordinating their newly complicated shipping plans. The integration that ShipIT offers means that orders from many channels come to the same place and are coordinated easily so that shipping labels are sent to the correct couriers in a timely manner. ShipIT helps your business handle other obstacles as well, with a simple customer service platform and a team that strives to find a solution for the many complex and unique qualities that define your business.

When it comes to eCommerce, there might be ways that your business is abandoning potential revenue streams.

The benefits of doing business online are clear: when the customer is able to shop from home, at all hours and coordinate delivery in a way that works for them, the transactional costs of doing business are slashed.

By not maximizing your business’s potential market exposure through the exploration of multiple channels, that’s profit being left on the table. As the eCommerce sector grows, your business can take advantage by selling through the channels that work best for your unique model, and with ShipIT’s simple integration services, multi channel selling can be undergone conveniently, easily and dependably for you and your customers.

Learn more about how ShipIT’s versatile integration can work for you and your business.