10 Magento extensions to help you sell more this year

magento 3Whether you have a brick and mortar storefront or are focused entirely on online sales, how you present yourself to your web users can make all the difference. Website functionality, ranging from search features to payment options, can make or break a sale, giving shoppers the motivation to press forward or the need to give up and move on.

As one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, Magento is among the best possible ways to maintain an online retail site. With a market share around 30%, businesses across Australia and around the world have been able to make good use of everything Magento has to offer in order to create streamlined, comprehensive websites that drive sales with a strong web presence. While the basic tools offered are adequate for many companies, those who want a leg up on the competition can benefit from going the extra mile.

Magento extensions are designed to do even more with a Magento site, giving web managers the ability to enhance website options and offerings to take user experience to the next level. With hundreds of applicable extensions, there are countless ways to create an effective platform, no matter what you’re hoping to accomplish. As with everything in life, however, some are better than other. These ten extensions are must-haves if you want to sell more this year.


Checking out is the most important part of a sale for a business, but often the most frustrating for a consumer. In fact, confusing checkout procedures are directly linked to abandoned carts, leading to a loss of revenue for no good reason. No one wants to scroll through page after page after page of checkout steps, so when the going gets tough, the average shopper gives up and moves on.

OneStepCheckout is designed as a solution for this common problem, consolidating everything necessary to check out on one streamlined page. Customers can enter shipping and billing info, choose a payment method, and select a shipping method at one time, creating a simple checkout process less likely to be abandoned. Designed with user experience in mind, OneStopCheckout provides an easier experience all customers can appreciate.

WordPress Integration

Blogging can be a big part of maintaining a strong web presence, giving site visitors a way to learn more about your company, what you do, and why you’re different from the competition. WordPress as a platform has many benefits to search engine optimization, making sure your blog is visible by search engines and at the top of the rankings for potential customers to find.

WordPress Integration is a Magento tool that links your blog and your ecommerce page, giving the same powerful backlink, pingback, and traceback advantages your WordPress site can offer to your company’s page. By joining your blog and your shopping platform, you have the ability to increase visibility and make sure your page gets noticed.


You know how many visitors are reaching your page through your social media accounts, Google searches, and blog posts, but how many are reaching you through other people’s social media activity? AddShoppers provides a way to track Influencers, or those whose social media posts are circulating what you have to offer, a metric that traditional analytics doesn’t measure.

Rather than ignoring those who share and promote your products, AddShopper helps you to understand Influencer activity, allowing you to track and manage page visits and even revenue driven in an immediately quantifiable way. AddShopper also provides other valuable tools to help encourage and monitor social sharing, including social media log-ins and social sharing icons.

Custom Formbuilder

Soliciting information from shoppers can be extremely handy, giving you a sneak peek into customer opinions and feedback on problems you didn’t know you had. Setting up submission forms in Magento can be clumsy and awkward, however, making it less likely you’ll be able to solicit the data you need, whether you’re offering customer surveys or a way to request technical assistance.

Custom Formbuilder gives you the option to build forms seamlessly on your Magento site. A simple, straightforward back-end form builder, Custom Formbuilder allows you to create unlimited forms for your web page while customizing them with options like font, color, character count, input validation, and mandatory fields. Perfect for registration for email content distribution, processing payment information, or collecting feedback after a purchase, a custom form provides an easy and convenient way to access much-needed information.

Search Pro

Websites that look beautiful, run quickly, and function smoothly can easily be tanked by one simple mistake: a lacking search function. Even if your navigation is clear and easy for you, it may not be for first-time site visitors. The inability to find necessary information can be extremely frustrating for web users, and a few attempts without a positive experience is all it takes to drive a once-willing buyer to your competition.

Rather than putting obstacles in your customers’ way with an outdated and inefficient search feature, Search Pro is designed to provide advanced search tools to meet customer needs quickly and easily. With the ability to customize how search results are generated, what customers can search by, and use of synonyms, your customers will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for, driving sales and improving conversion rates.

Convert Guest Checkout Customers to Registered Customers

Many shoppers, especially first time shoppers, strongly dislike being asked to create an account to make a simple transaction. Signing up for a website comes with many perks, like saved information and an enhanced ease of use, but can also come with downsides for shoppers who don’t want to receive your marketing emails. As such, users are more likely to checkout as a guest whenever possible, separating themselves from what you have to offer.

A solution to combat this problem, Convert Guest Checkout Customers to Registered Customers is a Magento solution that allows you to create customer profiles out of data collected during the checkout or subscription process. Either manually or automatically based on your preferences, you can create user accounts for guest checkouts, placing customers in groups if desired to delineate purchaser or consumer types. Convert Guest Checkout Customers to Registered Customers also providers a way for users sign up for an account by choice after checking out, just to ensure all bases are covered.

Sweet Tooth Loyalty Programs

Everyone likes a being rewarded for a job well done, even online shoppers. When you’re looking for a way to motivate shoppers to keep coming back, a rewards program can be a mutually beneficial way to do so. Sweet Tooth Loyalty Program is an extension intended to provide ways for customers to earn rewards that can be redeemed for freebies and shopping discounts, giving shoppers a reason to make your page a destination.

The Sweet Tooth programs works by accruing points for customers based on things like account registration, purchase total, SKU purchased, sale date, and inventory category. In turn, points can be redeemed for advantages like sales discounts, free shipping, and exclusive access, prompting more spending by your regular shoppers.

Shop By Brand

If your customers have brand loyalty, giving them a way to search for favorite brands may be well worth it. Rather than limiting customer search to things like pricing, new items, and featured items, highlighting favorite brands enhances the customer experience, providing greater motivation to shop for key targets within your inventory.

As the name implies, Shop By Brand allows customers to filter and shop exclusively by favorite brands, enhancing the user experience and streamlining the shopping and comparison process with filter options within brand categories. With Shop By Brand, companies can also track brand-related data, managing sales by brand, favorite products, and web traffic metrics to help fine-tune your processes.

Yotpo Reviews

A great product description can make even lackluster products look great, which is why many customers need more before committing to a buying decision. User reviews can be a great way to collect customer opinions, providing the important information and the vote of confidence necessary for a shopper on the fence to make a purchase decision.

Yotpo Reviews bridges this gap, giving customers the option to leave reviews on satisfactory purchases. Yotpo emails customers automatically after purchases, urging a star rating and feedback to build the reputation of your inventory. Intended to grow confidence in web users and track which products are receiving positive feedback and which ones are falling flat, Yotpo helps shoppers stand behind your brands, luring in undecided customers and promoting sales possibilities.


Shipping makes a big difference for many customers, driving purchase decisions and customer retention for companies across the country. In today’s climate, most shoppers want immediate, reliable information related to shipping, creating a logistical struggle for small businesses.

Rather than handling the process yourself, ShipIT is your one-stop shipping manager, importing your orders to one cloud-hosted spot, allocating orders to carriers based on pre-determined and personalized rules, creating packing slips and invoices, and keep customers updated with up to the minute with tracking status. ShipIT works with major domestic and international characters and a lot of minor ones too, providing coordinated shipping solutions across Australia.

Operating a successful ecommerce page requires a commitment to quality and user experience. Magento offers extensive resources to business owners, providing the tools necessary to maintain a comprehensive, successful sales site with a focus on functionality. For those who want a leg up on the competition, however, Magento’s platform alone may not be enough to offer the best possible options.

By utilizing extensions designed to improve and streamline the process in relation to search features, customer retention benefits, and business solutions, it’s easier than ever to assemble an ecommerce site that can meet shopper expectations. There’s no true way to please everyone, but the more you have to offer, the more likely you are to successfully increase sales.