How to take great DIY photographs for your eStore

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Product photos play an important role in your online store, in fact they are essential. The difference between professional-looking photos and mediocre ones could either make or break your eStore. With that in mind, let’s equip you with some tips for how to take great product photographs and increase your store’s sales.

Importance of quality product photos for online sales

Product photos communicate to your online customers the details of your items in ways that the product description cannot. When buying online, your customers are not in a position to touch, try on or try out whatever item you are selling and that is why you need great photos to persuade buyers to make the decision to buy your item. The images you post on your eStore should give them an experience that as close to seeing the image in real life as possible.

Quality product photos will boost your brand. A great image builds customer trust in your product and brand, and we know how important trust is when purchasing online. When an image is well-lit and clear customers can be more confident in their purchase. This will give your online store a competitive edge and you will be more likely to get positive reviews and good ratings.

Great images should also answer people’s questions about a product and therefore reduce the number time you spend answering inquiries.

Below is a list of things to consider when taking product photos yourself to ensure that you make the best out of them.

Tips for taking DIY product photos

If you can’t afford to hire a professional photographer to take photos of your products, you can give it a go yourself by following these tips.

  • For starters, you need to have a good camera that will bring out the best in your products. You can still use your phone camera when taking photos but ensure that phone’s camera is set to take images at the highest resolution possible.
  • Always clean your lens before taking a shot.
  • Make sure the product is in focus.
  • Position the product against a neutral background and with as much natural light as possible. The light source (e.g. window) should be behind you (the photographer) and in front of the product.
  • Take shots of the product from several angles. Remember that you want to create an experience of a client walking into a store and being in a position of picking up a product and looking at it from all angles.
  • You may also want to show the item in use so that you give customers the full experience. If you can, style a shot to show the product being used. Make sure that other the other things you use in these shots are consistent with your brand e.g., if you are selling expensive items, make sure that you position them amongst other luxury brands.
  • If products come in various colors, make sure you take photographs of all colors and post them on your site so that clients get to see the color variations and how they look.
  • Enable zooming on your photos. Make it easy for clients to zoom in photos and make them clear even after zooming in so that they see each detail. Activate certain settings in your store‚Äôs admin such that clients can easily zoom in on all photos. Remember to pay attention to details.

Take time to have great product images on your eStore to ensure that you have a big payoff. Remember good images answer many questions and cause more traffic; hence, increased sales.