Father Rabbit

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Father Rabbit Limited sells high quality homewares – everything from beautiful linens, storage solutions, luxury pantry items to their own ceramic range. From small beginnings, this widely emulated brand has grown from an online shop to now include three stores in New Zealand.

father rabbit rabbit drawingFather Rabbit is the alter ego of Claudia Zinzan and Nick Hutchinson. When their first child was born, Claudia took time out from her career as an Interior Designer to develop the Father Rabbit concept and brand. After six months of careful planning (under the watchful eye of the pedantic rabbit) their online store was open for trading in December 2010.

With a demanding rabbit and growing family, Claudia has now said goodbye to her Interior Design clients to focus on Father Rabbit full-time and Nick manages his role as Father Rabbit’s Right Hand Man around the ebbs and flows of a career in the film industry as a camera operator. When he’s not staring down the lens or lending his practical nous to the garden and the baby, he works alongside Claudia on product selection, merchandising and the very important task of keeping Father Rabbit‘s website spic and span and a Nice Place To Shop.

As the Father Rabbit business grew, so did his domain. Initially operating out of a burrow-sized corner in the lounge, he then took over the front half of the family’s villa, eventually moving on from this space too. You can now find the Rabbit sharing his time between two beautiful retail stores.

Father Rabbit took a while to automate its shipping and distribution, the main reason being that they are a Apple Mac-based business and couldn’t find a domestic Courier company who had a system that worked with Tradevine. When they found out that ShipIT worked with Courier Post and Tradevine they were finally able to do it.

On discovering ShipIT, Father Rabbit did a free trial and Nick says, “it all seemed to work. We also looked at GoSweetSpot but this wasn’t an option because it didn’t work with our preferred courier. There where a few things that needed ironing out in the first couple weeks, as to be expected, but the ShipIT team were always there to help fix or advise when needed. We decided the advantages were going to be huge and went ahead.”

Has ShipIT been good for their rapidly growing business? Absolutely, the main advantage Nick explains is that “it has definitely taken human error out of shipping. We are sending the parcel to the right person with the correct ticket on it. Also we are no longer worried about losing ticket books or overcharging by the carrier because of incorrect ticketing.” Ship’appy bunnies indeed.

Feature image of Father Rabbit’s Herne Bay store by @notjaya