Growing your sales

Whenever you think about setting goals for your business, the first thing to consider is sales and revenue. Even though boosting your sales is a great goal for your business, finding ways to do it can daunting. To make big goals feasible, it is best to break them down into smaller steps that are more achievable quickly and easily.

PRIORITY MATRIXWhen prioritising each of your steps, it is worth thinking about where they would sit on an ‘Action Priority Matrix’ ie. how much effort would each require and how much impact would each have. Your priorities should be those which require the least effort but highest impact, sometimes termed ‘low hanging fruit’ or ‘quick wins’. Leave the ‘Hard Slogs’ till last – if ever!

Here are some steps you might want to consider priortising for your business:

Add More Listings

Whenever you add more listings to your store, you increase the chances of being found by more shoppers. When more shoppers find a variety of top quality products in your shop, they are more likely to buy from you and your sales will increase exponentially. Set a manageable number of listings to add to the specific time duration. Strive always to reach your goal and, in the long run, your business will thrive exponentially since your stock will never stagnate. Make sure though that these are products for which there is demand – if not, you risk adding complexity and inventory to your business. It might be worth considering ‘Drop Shipping‘ as a way to trial new products without holding inventory and therefore increasing your risk.

Creating new products is not the only way you can use to stock your virtual shelves. One other way to stock your shelves is by creating different options for your items in separate listings instead of offering variations within one listing. Additionally, you can list a single product twice and change the titles and tags to reach different audiences. Also, check your shop statistics to find out which of your keywords are performing well and upgrade the others that may be performing below par.

Refine your Product Photography

Always make sure that your products’ photos are top quality and appealing since the shoppers cannot get your items physically. You can involve professional photographers to make sure the images are high quality. If not, it might be worth getting in a portable photo light tent in which to take shots of your photos – they’re a relatively inexpensive way to get a more professional result. Before you publish the images online, you can also get feedback from family, friends, and other independent parties. Ultimately, you need to ensure that your product photos are appealing enough to attract and sustain your customers’ attention and ultimately compelling enough to make them confident in making their purchase.

Go Global

There are two main ways through which international buyers can see your listings.

You can list your items for sale directly on sites like eBay and Amazon around the world. Make sure that pay the fees for every country’s site and meet all their selling requirements.

Alternatively, you can offer worldwide postage. Set up an international shipping option to enable your brand to reach global audiences. The more people you reach, the more sales you are likely to make. International shipping lets the whole world see your products.

You can also purchase the international site visibility upgrade to maximize your products’ visibility across the world. From time to time, eBay runs promotions across different countries to promote international trade. That is also a good opportunity to acquire international visibility for your products.

Requirements for selling internationally
  • You should be ready to accept international methods of payment like PayPal to decrease the payment hassles.
  • Comply with all international trading laws of the countries you are selling to and observe all export controls on goods to some of the countries
  • Specify your postage ‘Worldwide’ or to the regions you intend to sell to
  • Offer money back guarantees to enhance trust and legitimacy of your brand with the shoppers
Communicate with your buyers

Always respond to buyers’ questions promptly to build a strong relationship with your customers. Prompt responses will make your brand be viewed as highly reliable; thus you will have increased sales. In case you are selling to a country whose language you are not familiar with, use translation software to translate the key phrases. Make sure that your translations are precise to enhance your business legitimacy.


Bids and prices will appear in both your postage currency and the currency for the site through which the buyer is viewing your item. The universal currency acceptable in many countries is the US dollar thus you should approximate your price in this currency.

Track Your Progress

Always check your shop statistics to find out whether the steps you have taken to improve your shop are effective. Check on a weekly and monthly basis to get a clear perspective of your progress. Tracking enables you to evaluate what works and what does not work for your business.

When you have achievements, celebrate them by including them on all your social media fronts. By including your milestones with testimonials from your existing customers it will enhance the confidence in your brand with other shoppers. The trust developed will enable you to convert the potential customers easily into loyal buyers of your items.