InXpress & StarShipIT

InxPress partnership

ShipIT has signed a partnership agreement with Australia-based shipping specialist, InXpress. This means that InXpress’s SME retail customers will be able to use ShipIT software for a “more streamlined approach to their shipping requirements, enabling them to reduce double entry during the order process and expedite the shipping process”. They can also use the system to track and trace their deliveries.

“This partnership with InXpress will ensure that InXpress’s customers are able to deliver their goods
in the most efficient and timely manner possible,” said George Plummer, CEO at ShipIT. “Having all the required information they need on one screen will give retailers better insight to the status of their shipments and allow them to improve their customer service and prevent undelivered packages or lost parcels, saving time and money.”

InXpress provides heavily discounted shipping to their customers by combining small orders into large volume shipments. Their buying power allows them to negotiate large discounts with carriers and pass those savings on to their customers.