Amazon + StarShipIT

Now here’s some amazin’ news – ShipIT now integrates with Amazon. This means that if you sell your products via, you can use the ShipIT app to streamline and automate your distribution.

If you already use ShipIT for your orders via other channels, you might like to think about selling through Amazon too given that ShipIT will enable you to add Amazon as a channel without adding complexity to your distribution. Amazon gives you access to a massive audience of customers you might not currently be reaching – in America alone it has over 95 million unique visitors every month. If you’re contemplating it, here are some things you need to know;

As a new seller, you’re eligible to sell in at least 20 product categories on Amazon and if you choose a Professional selling plan, you can apply to sell in more than 15 extra categories. Learn more about Amazon’s categories here.

If you expect to sell more than 40 items per month, you should consider the Professional plan, but if it’s just a few items, take a look at the Individual plan. Learn more about Amazon’s plans and pricing here. You can always upgrade plans at a later stage.