Partnership with Australia Post

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Last month ShipIT entered into a very special partnership with Australia Post to offer even an more seamless way for their customers to ship eCommerce orders. ShipIT’s new One Click solution will allow eStores to print Aust Post labels and track deliveries from within their eStore’s admin panel. ShipIT will even keep recipients up to date with their parcel’s delivery status.

George Plummer, CEO of ShipIT explains, “This partnership with Australia Post will save online retailers precious time, having all the information they need on one screen, without having to log into multiple systems. They can easily track shipments to clients, improve their customer service and prevent undelivered packages or lost parcels.”

“Shipping has traditionally been a manual process. This means that merchants have to cut and paste order data, handwrite courier labels and manually create customs forms and documents,” said Plummer. “With ShipIT, this tedious process is automated and significantly reduces the administrative work for companies, allowing time to be redirected to more productive tasks.”

ShipIT’s customers range from small to large retail and ecommerce businesses, with the company’s customers shipping anywhere from 5 to10 packages a week up to thousands of packages a day. “With ShipIT, we’re able to use the same tool for multiple carriers for both domestic and international orders. This streamlines our booking operations and allows us to book hundreds of orders daily,” said Thomas Zulliger, Ecommerce Director at Quiksilver.  “ShipIT’s integrated tracking and backend updates help our customer service team respond quickly to customer requests.  The company’s address validation tools also help us minimise errors considerably.”

ShipIT has three packages starting from $50 monthly for its Standard package for 400 shipments a month to its Enterprise package for $150 monthly for 20,000 shipments a month. Customers only need an account with a supported courier company and the appropriate printer to get started.