Top Jeans Co.

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How do you manage orders from multiple eMarketplaces, ship them internationally as well as domestically, while still providing unrivalled customer service? This was the challenge faced by Top Jeans Co., an online business with shopfronts across a number of mainstream market places such as eBay, Amazon and TradeMe (their own direct website is currently under construction).

Established in Australia in 2013, Top Jeans Co. has fast become the ‘go to’ source of hard to find styles at a fraction of the retail price. After obtaining a shipping contract with Australia Post, Paul from Top Jeans Co. says, “we were very surprised to find that Aust Post didn’t have their own e-shipping solution so had to go into research mode. To be honest, we found the process quite frustrating. Firstly, there were very few options available to us that actually met our needs being a multi-channel retailer, and secondly, the solutions we did trial weren’t user-friendly at all. They lacked intuition and were generally very ‘clunky’. Finally, we found ShipIT – a shipping solution that met all of our needs. It’s certainly a bonus working with software that is extremely intuitive, modern user friendly look and feel … but beyond that, the personalised care and attention we have received from their entire team has made us feel very comfortable with a process that can be very daunting for many small online retailers.”

ShipIT has fundamentally improved the efficiency of Top Jeans Co.’s operations. Paul explains, “Prior to ShipIT, all the other solutions that we trailed for our needs, would take us 4 times longer than ShipIT does for the same amount of postage, simply due to how ‘clunky’ and unreliable their products were and the lack of support available if issues did arise.”