I Love Ugly: Feeling the love with StarShipIT

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Menswear brand ‘i love ugly’ has just been named one of Deloitte’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies – a speedy expansion that they credit ShipIT with underpinning!
i love ugly started using ShipIT in 2012 and instantly were able to deploy their full-time fulfillment staffer to another part of their business.
They were so impressed with how it worked domestically they decided to put their international orders through ShipIT too.
By using ShipIT with DHL they are now selling to a market 100 times larger than if they were only shipping domestically and now most of their orders are international. Before ShipIT they were only sending 5-10 packages a week, yet by 2015, i love ugly were listed 5th on the Deloitte 50 Fastest Growing Companies. They now have stockists in 13 countries and six of their own stores around the world. i love ugly credit ShipIT with this growth because of how it enabled them to access a global market at barely any additional cost.